Mucky Mutz Grooming Services


Mucky Mutz Grooming Services

Puppy Introduction Sessions
No matter what the breed, these sessions are designed to introduce your new puppy to grooming at a pace that is comfortable to them. Depending on the breed and nature of your puppy, Mucky Mutz works with you to ensure your puppy is not overwhelmed by his first grooming experience. Suitable for youngsters upto 6 months of age.

Nail Trimming
Essential for all dogs to maintain a healthy foot. Rabbits & guinea pigs also very welcome. 

Ear Cleaning & Plucking
All dogs need to have their ears inspected and gently cleaned when necessary. On some breeds hair can grow from down inside the ear canal, it is very important that this is removed by plucking it carefully to keep a clean healthy ear. Dogs with severely matted ears are at risk of inner ear problems, which is just one of the many reasons why regular professional grooming is so important.

Preparation & Bathing
Before bathing your dog they are brushed thoroughly and any mats knots or tangles are removed. Bathing is one of the most important parts of a good groom, getting your pet squeaky clean is the only way to produce top quality results when trimming, scissoring and styling. Various shampoos are available for different coat types and the appropriate one will be used once an initial consultation has been made. If your dog needs special vet recommended shampoo for sensitive skin or allergies please remember to bring this with you to the appointment.

Trimming, Scissoring & Styling
All breeds have their own specific style and this can be achieved by using clippers combined with scissoring techniques or on some breeds just scissoring alone gives a beautiful finish.
We will advise you on your dogs trim and how they should look according to their breed but ultimately it is your decision, you may have preferences about how you would like your dog to look, and we discuss this with you before grooming commences.

Clip Down / De-Matting
When a dog is severely matted it is too painful to de-mat and a clip down will be required this means clipping your dog very short all over and a disclaimer form will need to be completed before grooming commences. The animal welfare act states all animals are to be protected from pain, injury suffering and disease and Mucky Mutz Grooming adheres to this. Please deter mats from ever forming by regularly grooming your dog at home in between it’s professional grooms


Here at Mucky Mutz we only use the very highest quality products to pamper your beloved pooch.
All of my shampoos and conditioners are tailored to your dogs skin type, coat and colour, including special shampoos for sensitive and/or allergic skin types. Your dog will be bathed with the appropriate shampoo, massaged, conditioned and then fully dried by hand. For your dogs well-being we do not use cage or cabinet dryers.
After the groom is complete your dog will be spritzed with an aftershave or perfume, leaving them smelling beautiful for days! The styling and finishing sprays we use are of the finest quality. We believe your dog deserves only the best.
My salon is stocked with the all the latest equipment, leading products and we have fresh water available. The calm and quiet atmosphere of the salon allows your dog to relax and enjoy their groom. The happiness of your dog is paramount, I want your dog to love coming to see me each and every time.
Prior to the groom we will discuss with you how you would like your dog to look, taking into consideration your pets age, lifestyle, health and current coat condition. We work to please you; our greatest satisfaction is the compliments you will receive on your immaculately groomed dog.


After visiting Mucky Mutz, your dog will not only look great, they will feel great too.